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Jazz Club GrenobleNew pictures Live @Jazz in Marciac 2016 available

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Jazz Club GrenobleJazz In Marciac 2016- Jazzaseizheur Review

Thanks a lot for this nice review of our concerts @ Jazz in Marciac this year


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Jazz Club GrenobleJazz Magazine some words on éPISODES

Thanks a lot MR.Franck BERGEROT from JAZZ MAGAZINE for thoses beautiful words about our new album ePISODES!

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Jazz Club GrenobleNew Album and Live @Jazz in Marciac DVD now available

Such a pleasure to anounce that our new album ePISODES and our Live at Jazz in Marciac 2014 DVD are available now!!!

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Jazz Club GrenobleNew pictures Live @Jazz in Marciac 2015 available

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Jazz Club GrenobleConcert with Dave Liebman 2015- Astrada

After 2 days of work,A great experience on stage with Mister Dave Liebman and my Friends from JIM and Cie band !!!

Jazz Club GrenobleVideo Jazz In Marciac 2014-Astrada

Here it is !!!, the Video excerpts from the DVD of our Jazz In Marciac 2014 Concert. hope you will enjoy

Jazz Club GrenobleConcert @ Jazz Club de Grenoble

Here are some video excerpts from our concert on April 10, 2014 at Grenoble Jazz Club. Great atmosphere.

Back Quartet MarciacConcert @ l'Astrada Jazz In Marciac

Have a look at the new pictures from our latest concert at Festival In Jazz in Marciac @ l'Astrada and at our new pressbook's press release (go to the contact page to download it).

New France 3 TV report coming soon!

Website Back QuartetNew website!

Welcome to the brand new website of Benoit Berthe Back Quartet! Fully connected and lots of content for our fans! You can now follow us on every social media!

Travel's Appeal AlbumRelease of the new album 'Travel's Appeal'

We're delighted to announce the release of our new album, 'Travel's Appeal', recorded in Rome in collaboration with Rosario Giuliani. Have a good time listening to it!

Jazz in MarciacConcert @ Jazz in Marciac

Benoit Berthe Back Quartet will be performing at Festival Jazz in Marciac 2013 on August 2nd at L'Astrada concert hall at 9 P.M. Can't wait until we see you there! Here are two nice video of our concerts at Jazz in Marciac 2012 and Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome with Rosario Giuliani:

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DECEMBER 27 2016

Concert @ Val-Thorens Church


AUGUST 5 2016

Concerts @ Festival Off 'Jazz in Marciac'


AUGUST 4 2016

Concerts @ Festival Off 'Jazz in Marciac'


AUGUST 10 2015

Concert @ Festival Off 'Jazz in Marciac' Live on Radio France


AUGUST 9 2015

Concert @ Festival Off 'Jazz in Marciac'


MARCH 20 2015

Concert @ JAZZIVRY"

Salle Saint-Just IVRY/SEINE - FRANCE

NOVEMBER 21 2014

Concert @ Festival "QUAI JAZZ"

Peniche Anako PARIS - FRANCE

NOVEMBER 20 2014

Concert @ Le Prisme jazz club-happy hours


NOVEMBER 09 2014

Concert @ Festival "Jazz aux Carrés"


AUGUST 10 2014

Concert @ Festival In 'Jazz in Marciac' Benny Golson's First Part

L'Astrada / Marciac - FRANCE

AUGUST 9 2014

Concert @ Festival Off 'Jazz in Marciac'

Marciac - FRANCE

AUGUST 8 2014

Concert @ Festival Off 'Jazz in Marciac'

Marciac - FRANCE

APRIL 10 2014

Concert @ Jazz Club de Grenoble

Grenoble - FRANCE

AUGUST 4 2013

Concert @ Festival Off 'Jazz in Marciac'

Marciac - FRANCE

AUGUST 3 2013

Concert @ Festival Off 'Jazz in Marciac'

Marciac - FRANCE

AUGUST 2 2013

Concert @ Festival In 'Jazz in Marciac'

L'Astrada / Marciac - FRANCE

MAY 30 2013

Concert Release 'Travel's Appeal' + Rosario Giuliani
@ Theater aan het Vrijthof


SEPTEMBER 8-11 2012

Recording of the group's second album

Rome - ITALY


Concert @ Auditorium Parco Della Musica

Rome - ITALY

JULY 30 2012

Festival 'Jazz in Marciac'

Marciac (32) - FRANCE

JULY 29 2012

Festival 'Jazz in Marciac'

Marciac (32) - FRANCE

MAY 15 2012

Les Disquaires

Paris 11ème (75) - FRANCE

OCTOBER 31-NOV. 9 2011

Brazilian Tour

Olinda - BRAZIL

OCTOBER 31-NOV. 9 2011

Brazilian Tour

Joao Pessoa- BRAZIL

OCTOBER 31-NOV. 9 2011

Brazilian Tour

Recife- BRAZIL


Festival 'Quai Jazz'

Péniche 'L'improviste' Quai de L'Oise-PARIS 19ème (75) - FRANCE

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  • Born in 1986, Benoit Berthe discovers jazz music at 11, when he decides to integrate the jazz initiation class at Marciac's High School. Following this beautiful experience, he decides to further his knowledge by entering the DEM JAZZ course at the ENM of Mont-de-Marsan and graduates with honours in 2005. He then integrates the Didier Lockwood's Centre des Musiques in 2006. It is during that year that he became acquainted with the musicians who form his group: Benoit Berthe Back Quartet.
    He works with and learns from musicians such as Stéphane Guillaume, Pierrick Pedron, Sylvain Beuf, André Vileger, Benoit Sourisse, Olivier Temime, Remi Vignolo, Manuel Marchès and many other great musicians. He graduates with honours in June 2008. Finalist of the "Trophy of Sunside Jazz Club" in 2008 in Paris, finalist of the Tremplin "REZZO" in 2009, he shared the stage of "Jazz à Foix" in 2009 with the saxophonist Olivier Temime at the Young French Jazz Talents' Night. On December 15 2010, he is nominated as "Jazz Revelation 2010" by Alex Dutihl for his first album: Benoit Berthe Back Quartet: "First Pages" on the France Musique's radio show, "Open Jazz".
    He is also the winner of the European Jazz Contest's final in Rome in July 2011. He is currently composing and exercising on stage his passion for music, and started collaborating with the great saxophonist Rosario Giuliani in September 2012, which gave birth to his second album, Benoit Berthe Back Quartet: 'Travel's Appeal'.

    Benoit Berthe
  • Born in 1985, the pianist and composer Jean Kapsa joins the Valence's Jazz Action School in 2002, while pursuing a scientific higher education. He turns definitively to music in 2005. After a meeting in trio with Christophe Wallemme who invites him in the amphitheater of the Opera of Lyon, he follows a course at the Didier Lockwood's Centre des Musiques until 2008, with Benoit Sourisse, Pierre de Bethmann, Olivier Hutman, Emmanuel Bex and Manuel Rocheman as teachers. He accompanies Magnus Lindgren (Djangos d'Or 2008) and Bob Mintzer (Jazz in Gradignan).
    In 2006 he forms the SPHERE Trio with which he is awarded the 1st prize of the Tremplin Jazz d'Ile-de-France, chaired by Antoine Hervé and the 2nd prize at the Trophies of Sunside Jazz Club in Paris. The record "Greenland Road" (2009) marks the beginning of a series of concerts in festivals such as Jazz à Vienne, Jazz au Fil de l'Oise, Péristyle de l'Opera de Lyon, Respire Jazz Festival... Edouard Ferlet brings him his support to record the record "Parhélie" (Revelation! Jazz Magazine) which reflects the evolution of the trio.
    The album is released in April 2011 on the label Mélisse Music. He wins, with the FESTEN quartet, the Tremplin Jazz de Lagny chaired by Stéphane Huchard and the Golden Jazz Trophy chaired by Martial Solal. Noticed and solicitated by Louis and François Moutin, he joins the Moutin Reunion Quartet for a concert, beside Rick Margitza. The first album "Festen" is released in 2010 on the label Odduara Musics. The critics are unanimous and enthusiastic.

    Jean Kapsa
  • Stemming from a family of musicians, Zacharie Abraham was born in 1987. He started singing and tap-dancing from at the age of 4 in "Les P'tits Loups du Jazz" (recording of four records on the label "Enfance et Musique"). He begins the classic cello at 5 and his passion for jazz music leads him to study the double bass at 12. He was awarded the classic double bass prize from the CNSM of Paris. He plays at the same time with various jazz bands and has recorded an album with Thomas and David Enhco: Enhco ad co: "Esquisse". Of Caribbean descent, he is also interested in world music.

    Zacharie Abraham
  • Born in 1989 in Belgium, Nicolas Charlier starts to learn drums at the age of 9 with a private tutor. In 1999, he moves to France and joins Didier Lockwood's Centre des Musiques where he meets the Enhco Brothers and then Benoit Berthe. He integrates the "Little Jazz Band" with whom he plays in many concert halls. Thanks to his musician father, he participates in many jazz internships and shows a very early interest for this music. He begins the double bass at 12 and studies both jazz and classical. Avid to deepen his harmonic skills, he decides to begin the piano at 15. Drummer in bands going from the trio to the big band, he regularly plays in various places in France and abroad.

    Nicolas Charlier

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